What is a Donor Services Associate?

May 12, 2023

Meet Haylee Criswell, our Donor Services Associate! Haylee joined our staff at the end of January this year and has been a great asset to our team dynamic. In her role, she is responsible for three main areas: donor support, database management, and development.

Haylee’s day to day tasks include gift processing, receipting, answering gift questions, reporting, database updates, board communications, and other administrative support.

A day in the life of a Donor Services Associate

A typical day for Haylee starts with picking up a Venti Lemonade with Vanilla Cold Foam from Starbuck’s. She usually arrives to the office a few minutes before 8 am and begins checking her emails, replying to donor questions, and seeing what the calendar holds for the day.

Haylee spends the first half of her day processing online gifts followed by entering checks, cash, and other gifts from the previous day. After all the gifts have been entered and posted to our financial software, she prints donor thank you letters and receipts for our President to sign and mail. Then, it’s time for lunch (which we usually start planning for as soon as 10 am rolls around).

In the afternoon, Haylee takes time to work on any special projects going on for the week, such as prepping for a board meeting or helping our Community Outreach Associate plan a fun Instagram reel.

Q&A with Haylee

What is your favorite Donor Services Associate task?

I love entering the gifts into our database. It is a calming task to kick off my mornings. Plus, there is nothing more rewarding than completing a big round of checks and committing them.

What tools or methods do you use to stay on top of the multiple aspects of your role?

Sticky notes and calendar reminders are my best friend! They keep my thoughts and to-dos in order as I jump from one task to the next.

What is your favorite thing about working at The Foundation?

The team I get to work with every day is so accepting of individual personalities and work styles, which creates a healthy and supportive environment. Each of us are team players, and it makes it a joy to serve our community with them by my side.

Are there any exciting projects you look forward to working on?

I am excited to attend my first AMP concert in June! I can’t wait to meet more people in the community and help host our board members and donors in the sponsor deck. I also look forward to working on event preparations for the Charity Gala in November.

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